Purpose Education UK aims to help the youth in sustaining education. In order to fulfil that cause, we are going to need your help.

Student debt is a very important issue on multi-generational fairness.

Joining our campaigns serves as a statement to the government that the public wants change in policies.

To get an equitable student finance deal, students and graduates alike need the help of our charitable institution. As a student or parent, you can contribute to the propagation of the message by supporting and becoming a voice to our campaign.

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% of student loan borrowers unable to afford a 400$ emergency


% worry about repaying student loan


% don't understand loan repayment conditions


% of students worry about life after university

About Us

Purpose Education UK Organisation is a charitable institution. We believe in the saying “giving education with a purpose”. We are a non-profit, non-partisan, and voluntary organization funded by the trust and support of individuals, foundations, and companies that fully acknowledge our cause.

We meet with our supporters to assess the current situation and discuss the actions needed to be taken in the future. If you like to be part of the brainstorming team, you can email us at Our mission is to promote the right of the youth towards quality, equitable, and complete welfare for the betterment of the future.

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Future Leaders through Education

Empowering the Youth to Become Future Leaders through Education

Being a youth means being filled with unconditional strength. Young people always tend to dream big like become an Online Tutor and Find Online Tutoring Jobs, have greater hope for the future, and make great efforts to chase after their dreams. This phase is the process of changing oneself—first, in mind and body, then on how they act to the environment and society.

Inspirational Educational Charities

Inspirational Educational Charities and What We Can Learn from Them

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CBD Benefits to College Students

CBD Benefits to College Students

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University Choice

Students with A-level Results and Their University Choice

Majority of the scholars, who were doing the university entrance exam preparation, had already filled in the forms to apply for admission for best gre prep course in the university of their choice. Some have received the offers, while others have presently accepted the free offers.
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The UK is Far Behind Other Countries When It Comes to Young People’s Health

The young people of today are nicknamed “Generation Sensible”, particularly when they take care of their health. The data gathered from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service revealed that teenagers nowadays have a lesser tendency to smoke, have sex, drink, and intake drugs. As a result, teenage pregnancies dropped and drug use had decreased.

Housing Dilemma Affects Children in the UK

Nowadays, children are forced to live in temporary accommodation.
Research shows that children have a higher tendency to live in rented houses, thereby badly affecting intergenerational fairness.
The crisis in UK residency received less attention and has forced children to live in rented houses. A recent survey conducted by Royal London, an insurance firm, showed that the number of families living in temporary …

Unjust Evictions: A Young Renter’s Pain

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