Housing Dilemma Affects Children in the UK

Nowadays, children are forced to live in temporary accommodation.

Research shows that children have a higher tendency to live in rented houses, thereby badly affecting intergenerational fairness.

The crisis in UK residency received less attention and has forced children to live in rented houses. A recent survey conducted by Royal London, an insurance firm, showed that the number of families living in temporary accommodation has doubled for 10 years past.

This alarming pattern has not been one of the priorities of policy-makers. Now let’s take a look at the current situation of the housing crisis and its impact on the youth.

The Housing Problem

Based on a survey conducted by the Halifax Building Society (2013), almost half of the renters aged 20-45 argued that individuals should own a house first before raising children. However, this wasn’t the case in real life. A survey from the English Housing Survey revealed that households with children increased from 566,000 (29%) in the year 2003 to 1.57 million (35%) in 2017. That is a 6% increase in just a span of 14 years.

Furthermore, the ONS (Office for National Statistics) emphasized how trends in home ownership changed since the late ’90s. Since 1997 to 2007, the mean youngest age of occupants amongst half of the population rose from age 26 to 34, while the usual age for becoming a first-time mother increased from 27 to 29. In other words, individuals have a higher tendency to have children first before becoming a house owner or occupier.

Why You Should Bother

First, more children are getting burdened by rent as they grow older. A survey by the Royal London pub indicated that babies born to parents without their own residency significantly increased by 50% in 2017.

Second, more families now below to the poverty line due to housing expenses. Households Below Average Income, one publication of the government, noted that 2.9 million children are classified as beneath the poverty line.

Knowing that more and more UK children are on the verge of carrying the burden of living in rented flats, it is time for policy-makers to take action regarding the crisis.

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