The UK is Far Behind Other Countries When It Comes to Young People’s Health

The young people of today are nicknamed “Generation Sensible”, particularly when they take care of their health. The data gathered from the British Pregnancy Advisory Service revealed that teenagers nowadays have a lesser tendency to smoke, have sex, drink, and intake drugs. As a result, teenage pregnancies dropped and drug use had decreased.

Another thing is that the issue always being voiced out in Social Media is mental health whereas the issue of health was neglected in the process. This is the time where awareness is not the issue but the real problem is being blindsided and over-focused to such stigmas, thereby ignoring the physical aspect of health.

This is what the people, in general, failed to consider. The youth is facing more alarming health risks than the older generation.

Obesity is rampant for young age-groups of today.

The idea of “Generation Sensible” is flawed. Yes, it’s a good thing that they don’t drink, smoke, or take drugs. But surprisingly, they have more issues on physical health than the older generations such as obesity. Nuffield Trust survey indicated that the UK has the highest obesity rate for ages ranging from 15 to 19 years old. Furthermore, children aged 11 have lesser exercise time compared to their European counterparts.

Young adults face worse chronic-related illnesses than older generations.

Nuffield Trust Research says that young adults in the UK are more bound to have a long-haul well-being condition than most of their counterpart European countries, and, for specific conditions particularly, they experience the ill effects of evidently more awful well-being results.

The youth is less guided on what’s and how’s of taking care of themselves holistically and are blindsided with the thought that “everything is going to be okay.” In reality, it is never okay when you are unhealthy.

However, it is never too late…

We are not in the dead end of negatives. The advantages of “Generation Sensible” still outweigh the disadvantages. Even when the number of teenage pregnancies in the mentioned country is actually still higher than in other European countries, it has recently been trending downwards. Hope still exists.

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