Youth Today Victims Of Fashion

Is The Youth Today Victims Of Fashion?

Whether in schools or online, there had been so many discussions about if the children nowadays are fashion victims. Therefore, to enlighten you fully, we’ll give you both sides of the arguments. But See here, kids become a fashion victim when they slavishly follow fashionable trends and behavior.

Yes, today’s children are victims of fashion and social media plays a big part in this.

•             The changing fashion trends are disrupting the children’s lives as they’re likely to follow them which makes their parents spend more on accessories and clothes.

•             Instead of prioritizing their studies, kids are ignoring them and exert the majority of their time on following fashion trends and updates.

•             Since their focus is on the latest fashion styles influenced by numerous TV ads and social media, they’ll likely neglect to plan for the success of their future and career.

•             These days, what seems to matter most is the competition of who has the trendiest style among kids. Unlike the old days when the competition of quiz bowls, sports, debate, music, and other extra-curricular activities matters the most.

•             For a girl, they become very conscious of their appearance and weight even at a very young age. They will usually skip meals to be slim which is extremely damaging for their development and health. Others will take harmful slimming pills. In addition, students are applying hair colors, bleach and chemicals for fashion, unaware of the bad effects they can get.

No, they are not!

•             It’s not right to say that today’s youth are victims of fashion, rather they’ve just influenced society and what’s around them. They are exposed to fashion anywhere, from their home to school, so they’ll naturally be inclined by various fashion styles.

•             Kids, with guidance from their parents, may experiment too with the newest trends in the industry. This will not only develop their personal interest and creativity, but it can also boost their self-confidence and decision making.

•             If there are some negative remarks or criticism about their fashion style, then it will expand their knowledge with regards to fashion ethics. Children need to be thought about what’s right and wrong as they’re still on the learning process.

•             Following what’s trendy benefits children to recognize and bond with other kids who have similar taste of fashion as them. This can make them extra sociable and help them to have some new friends.

•             When kids are dressed up fashionably, they are considered as one with pleasing personalities. This admission will give success to their future. It is one constructive result if kids appreciate fashion.

Final Thoughts

At the end of the day, whether if today’s kids are fashion victims or not, it’s the parent’s responsibility to guide their children on the right path. As a parent, If you think that there are some things which give a bad influence on your children, you have to right to eliminate them like social media. Having said that, giving freedom to your kids’ fashion, to express themselves through clothing is essential for their progress.

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