Instagram To Extend Teaching

5 Ways Teachers Use Instagram To Extend Teaching

Learning today is not just confined to the four corners of a classroom. Nor is knowledge restricted only to school buildings! With more opportunities presented today by social media and free Instagram followers, even teachers can use them to their advantage. Among these popular social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Instagram is fairly the easiest to use even for non-tech savvy teachers. With just a snap of a photo and an educational caption, bits and pieces of lessons can be creatively shared by teachers. While it is expected that the audience is mostly the teachers’ students, the breadth of reach on Instagram through the generous use of relevant hashtags can attract even non-students.

Balancing between entertaining and informative, teachers can employ Instagram to extend their teaching beyond the classroom walls. In this article, we feature 5 ways that teachers can extend their vocation professionally — through the use of Instagram.

Show how proud you are of your students!

Nothing can be more encouraging for students to learn than when they feel their teachers are proud of what they are learning! As a teacher, you can use Instagram to showcase several of your students’ work.

Make doing their assignments and tasks enjoyable and interactive by posting some brilliant submissions online. This encourages creativity and pride among students, making them do better every time you are assigning them work to do. After all, learning is not about you but it is about the progress of your students.

You are more than just a teacher.

Social media is all about expressing yourself. This expression is not only a reflection of who you are as a teacher. It is about you as a human being too!

Moreover, Instagram helps many teachers express themselves! From posting funny photos to practical daily scenarios, teachers can show that they are also people who are more than just blackboards and lesson plans.

Go ahead and post those behind the scenes of your lesson plans. Share to your audience what hobbies you enjoy during your leisure time. What is your favorite food? Do you also have pets? Post about these things!

Showcase your affiliated groups.

Talk about marketing. Instagram can be used by teachers to showcase the groups and organizations they are affiliated with. These can be their schools, their organizations, or clubs.

You can post about your school’s events, initiatives, and achievements. Celebrate with your community by showing how your clubs extend learning to everyone.

Instagram can be a resource vault.

If you are an expert teacher, you can use Instagram to share your resources with your co-teachers. Whether these are best practices, lesson plan ideas, or fun activities, Instagram can be your large online resource vault of materials.

You will never run out of ideas for your next lesson by accessing Instagram for tips from other teachers or even your students. Make Instagram your low lying research buddy.

Networking works!

Instagram is still social media after all. And being as such, it is a great platform to connect and network with expert teachers, parents, and past students! Education will be so much fun when you see on your Instagram feed the entertaining and informative posts of other educators.

Insights are gained and a community is born when teachers learn to use Instagram to easily network for events, activities, and even polls.

Final Words

Are you a teacher who is on Instagram already? Which of these tips have you found helpful now? Snap a photo today and don’t forget the hashtags, innovative teachers!

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