CBD Benefits to College Students

CBD Benefits to College Students

All the walks in life bring different kinds of challenges, and one of the most challenging ones is college life.  You can see the research done on this topic here. The piling schoolwork, thesis, lessons, exams, and even sports all contribute to the rising stress levels that consequently affect one’s overall health. CBD studies about anxiety show most college students survive it, some unfortunately really have a hard time making through it.

Now, a lot of things have come to their rescue; some are effective, some are not. One of the most recent help is CBD.

Definition of CBD

Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is the chemical compound that is extracted from the marijuana plant. It is quite controversial because of where it came from, but CBD is different from marijuana. For one, it has been proven to have a number of benefits.

Known Benefits of CBD

AntidepressantOne of the most known benefits of CBD, or CBD oil, is its ability to help people having anxiety disorder or depression.

Pain RelieverStudies have also shown how some properties of CBD can help relieve pain.

Controls Acne BreakoutAlthough acnes are not as serious as depression, it can still be a bit uncomfortable to have them. It’s a good thing that this is one of the things CBD is good for.

Alleviates Effects of Cancer and Its TreatmentWhile CBD oil cannot be used to treat cancer, it’s still a good solution to symptoms or effects cancer and its treatment may cause the body.

Drug WithdrawalIt takes tremendous will to be able to withdraw from illegal substances, but getting as much help as you can get is not a bad idea. CBD can also assist anyone who is now in the midst of drug withdrawal.

CBD Benefits to College Students

Yes, CBD has many benefits, but how is it beneficial to college students particularly?

Social and Environmental Anxiety

Especially if you’re a freshman, the environment of college life can be quite overwhelming. Colleges and universities are full of people from different places with different backgrounds. While some strive in this kind of environment, others tend to close down. This can be considered as social and environmental anxiety. In case this happens, CBD can help someone having anxiety problems with its relaxing and calming properties.

Test Stress

Exams in college are radically harder than the ones you get in elementary and high school, which is why it isn’t uncommon to see students breaking down because of the difficulty, fatigue, and anxiety. Just like how CBD helps people with social anxiety problems, it can also help people having a hard time during exams period.

Sleep Challenges

Because it has calming properties, CBD is good for those college students who find it challenging to get a good night sleep due to school-related stress. If the case isn’t severe, they can take CBD during those times when sleep is scarce.

Muscle Pain

College is not all about studying. A lot of students in colleges also play sports professionally, which means that they are prone to body pain, stress, and fatigue. CBD have properties that relieve pain as well, so college athletes can help themselves by trying some CBD-induced products.

Overall Health

CBD can contribute to these college students’ overall health. Overall health is connected to emotional health and mental health. Thus, CBD helps with stress, sleep, and anxiety actually results in better overall health.


Of course, CBD, or CBD oil, effects can differ from one person to another. Thus, it’s always recommendable to ask for a professional opinion first before trying anything.

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