Inspirational Educational Charities

Inspirational Educational Charities and What We Can Learn from Them

Charities all around the world have the same goal of creating a better place for everyone to live in. To achieve this goal, and many other charity founders equipped the youth with the skills and knowledge to build some of the most successful educational charities. This is to make sure that the future generation will have a better chance of having to live in the world envisioned by these great people. Below are some inspirational Educational Charities which also teach us important lessons in life.


ProLiteracy was built by Dr. Frank C. Laubach. This charity that was founded in 1930 and aims to provide a better literacy level to all Americans after identifying that the poor literacy level of a community contributes to the decline in the employment rate.

ProLiteracy achieved a comprehensive network all over the US which supports the improvement of adult literacy. Its ultimate objective is to ensure that every adult has the choice of continuing their literacy studies to further improve their way of living. It teaches us that even adults have the capacity to be able to improve their literacy levels and to improve their status in the community.

Scholarship America

This charity was founded in 1958 by Dr. Irving Fradkin. He created this charity from a plan named “Dollars for Scholars”. Scholarship America started from a crowd-sourcing college funding that focuses on a non-profit learning support platform that reached over $4 billion students all over the United States of America. The charity is also now engaging in online tutoring which makes it accessible to anyone and only needs an internet connection.

This charity’s main goal is to provide education to be a choice for everyone and also supports to create programs and policies that will be advantageous to the aspirant college students. This teaches us that poverty is not a necessary obstacle to achieve a better degree in education.

Build Africa

This charity was founded during the Vietnam War in 1978. Build Africa will turn 42 years this year and began its activities as an International Christian Relief program. After gaining experience from the East African region, they had extended their projects all over the whole African continent.

BuildAfrica aims to provide the future generation of Africa to have a greater chance for better educational development and opportunities. As of this writing, they are focusing their projects throughout Uganda and Kenya.

Children International

The charity Children International started as a food basket platform for the children but then expanded their goals over time. It was founded in 1936 as a Christian mission program and intends to sponsor children so that they will have a chance to improve their lives.

The founders of Children International charity observed that there were a lot of teens who experienced physical and emotional problems especially within the age range of 14 to 19 years old. With this in mind, the charity started programs that focus to solve these kinds of dilemmas experienced by these children through career counseling and skills training.

These are just some of the promising charities that can be found all over the world. To be a part of the success of these individuals is a great achievement that can be considered as a once in a lifetime experience. Helping the needy can surely be very satisfying knowing that you had played a great part in their success in life.

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