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How to Know If Someone Has Run a Background Check on You

The information contained in a accurate background check is public record. Anyone can access your criminal, commercial and financial records for use in important decision making. For a small fee, you can easily run a check on yourself to make sure information provided in your background check is complete and accurate. If you are aware that your background report contains negative or embarrassing information and are worried how that will affect you, it may ease your mind to know if someone has already run a background check on you.

Follow up on all decisions of denial. If you have been turned down for employment, rental housing, credit or anything else, there is a good chance that a background check has already been done. Find out if the reason for denial was based on the results of your background check. Law states that you must be provided with a copy of your background report after it is completed if you request a copy.

Sign a form to allow a background check. Federal and privacy laws require permission in writing before a thorough background check can be performed. By signing an authorization form and providing information that identifies you, you already know and are in agreement that a background check will be run. Background checks usually take one to three days to complete.

Simply ask if you want to know whether someone has run a background check on you or not. You always have the option to question anyone you think may do a background check on you. If the person does not volunteer this information and tell you upfront, then asking may be the only way you will find out for sure if a background check has been done.

Obtain copies of your background reports. You have the right to know who received a copy of certain types of background and personal information checks. Order reports online or by mail and view the section that lists all the inquiries made regarding that report. You will be able to see who has received your name and information. If you have a complaint or disagreement, file it with the agency that provided the report.

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