We need your help. We rely on donations to carry out our advocacy on intergenerational fairness and our mission on complete and fair education for the younger generation.

If you want to make a pledge, here are the several ways you can support us:

Give a Gift

Here are the sample wordings for giving a gift:

“I, _____________, hereby give a portion of my estate to Purpose Education UK Organisation, with the address at __________________ for whatever beneficial purposes the charity may serve. Furthermore, I oblige that the receipt of trustees or other proper representatives of the mentioned charity for the meantime shall serve as a full and complete discharge for the said gift.”

If you have any clarifications regarding the provision of property, kindly email us at donate@purposeeducation.com.uk or write to any representative of Purpose Education UK Organisation using the address aforementioned.


We embrace the investigation, analysis, and consultancy for corporate and magnanimous associations where we have common advocacies and destinations. These incorporate improving intergenerational reasonableness in the working environment, reasonable cooperation, or leading research with proper collaboration.

Fund-raising Presentations

If ever you would like to know more about what we do or would like to reserve a presentation, kindly contact Donald Brown, Purpose Education UK’s co-founder. You can also call us on 07971 215526 or email us at purpose@purposeeducation.com.uk.

We will respond to you as quickly as possible.