Recognise how Purpose Education UK creates a wave on discussion, advocacy, and policy change.

Purpose Education UK Changes Parameters of Discussion

Purpose Education UK has considered the concept of intergenerational fairness as the centre of intellectual discussion.

Before this organization started, intergenerational fairness was hardly part of everyone’s talk. But now, this concept has been mouthed by every policy-maker.

Tides changed when intergenerational fairness was viewed as a parameter of social justice. With the existing inequalities, the concept is starting to unravel for the world.

The analysis of Purpose Education UK over the past years has explained misfortunes and sudden downward changes in a lens of intergenerational fairness.

This has led Purpose Education UK to act as the forefront in several areas which include:

  • the difference in annuity settlements among more seasoned and youthful specialists
  • the injustice of an advanced education framework that exploits the youthful, however, asks higher rates for the old ones
  • the unjustifiable gains of wealth in housing per year of existence
  • the retreat of the welfare state from the youthful, yet never from the old ones

There is significantly more to do; however, with your assistance, we can keep on attracting regard for the scrape of more youthful and who and what is to come and offer down to earth arrangements.

Purpose Education UK Addresses Student Loans

In the year 2012, David Willetts, the University Minister at that time, allowed universities a threefold increase in tuition fees from the starting point of £3,000 to £9,000 per year.

The administration bolstered the minds of students that they can still pay the tuition fee with an “income-based” contingency student loans. This means that the university shall only be paid after graduation when the loaner earns more than £21,000 worth of income.

However, students were blindsided with high-interest rates that aren’t income-based but will still be charged every month that student is residing in the university. What was never emphasized was the future accompanied by a very huge loan.

But then, the government never had a thought on changing the terms and remained falsely calm by saying that the magnitude of trends will always go in line with inflation.

And as a result, when the time came that students, then graduates, are supposed to pay the loan, they failed because of unemployment, low-wage income, and high cost of living.

This is where Purpose Education UK stepped in. With the concerns of parents regarding flooding debts and instability of their children’s education, we proposed a better and fairer arrangement to soothe their distressing needs.

Purpose Education UK Encourages Policy Change

In the late 1980s, the privately-owned sector in the UK noticed an extensive growth after rent restraints were eradicated by the Thatcher regime. Since then, several beginner possession investors transformed into landlords. Due to Britain’s dire shortage of fresh lodging, much of the proportion of the crisis has been slapped upon the backs of today’s youth.

Purpose Education UK’s research and analysis can provide proof on existing intergenerational unfairness. With the help of public support and propagation of information, there is a room for policy-change.