Same Day Delivery

If you need to ship items as an emergency, then it’s beneficial to work with our courier service that offers this type of delivery. It means you don’t miss crucial deadlines, you can focus on other business tasks and you’d be safe in the knowledge that a reliable courier service has this sorted for you.

International Delivery

Global Package Services will always provide shipment tracking so that you can tell where the shipment is currently at. For example, postal services don’t offer tracking unless requested and even then, they’re usually only basic updates. We always offer this feature and you receive accurate detailed updates at all times.

Onboard Service

This option ensures your items never leave the sight of our courier and the priority is to transport them safely and deliver them on time. They should know all of the requirements and what to provide to clear your goods through customs smoothly, as the right courier service will have an expert level of knowledge.

Next Day Delivery

We provide real-time tracking and updates generally expected with next-day delivery, which can cut down customer enquiries as all of the information they need regarding their package is available through a tracking number.Or, you can go one step further and get in touch with a dedicated customer service team.

  • Global Package Services provide the best practice in the industry
  • Global Package Services provide safe and secure services
  • Global Package Services alway provide tracking.

We have been serving the world with our professional background in delivery services. Our mission is to provide the fastest and best customer services globally.

"The online requests for pickup make it easy for us to track packages, see delivery times and obtain proof of delivery if needed. Your drivers are courteous, friendly and professional."

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Worldwide Shipping

We are reputed for shipping across all continents to meet our prompt delivery ethics as proffessional courier and delivery company. We use the best technology in the industry ship to all corners of the globe - Africa, Asia, Europe, Australiasia, North and South America.