Are you burdened by debt? You are not the only one. Lots of millennials are drowning deep in debt due to high tuition rates, low income, and less opportunity for free education. Purpose Education UK cries out for a just agreement among students and those who are graduates.

Got any problems with housing? You are not the only one. There is a shortage of affordable housing nowadays. Purpose Education UK cries for just taxation and extensive provision of lands.

Struggling every day? You are not the only one. Sky-rocketing expenses, insufficient income, and hard-to-pay debts are common struggles a lot of people suffer from. Purpose Education UK cries for the government to make life more affordable to live by.

Nowadays, the youth has been drowning in financial crisis and are facing a far insurmountable burden of debt. And with the degrading effects of technology, there is no wonder that millennials are in a far worse position than those generations born before us.

Purpose Education UK has been drawing the government’s attention to this particular issue. We are an organisation that has been researching the issue of intergenerational fairness, a concept about fairness across all generations, including the older and young generation. Its coverage includes social justice, health, environmental concerns, and policy-making.

As mentioned earlier, we are a non-partisan, non-profit, and completely voluntary organisation. We only provide facts that prove injustice.

The younger generation deserves a fair and just treatment just as the older generations have experienced. Therefore, it is time for a revision of government policies, a change that will give an ensured future not only for the younger generation but for the future generations as well.